The Antarctic Tourism Experience Research Project

Are you traveling to Antarctica? Then this study is for you! This research project "seeks to understand travelers' motivations for visiting Antarctica, and the lasting effects of their experiences after returning home." Results will contribute to supporting and enhancing responsible Antarctic tourism. It is easy to participate, and only takes a few minutes to sign up.


Scientists have been using photo identification for many years to distinguish individual animals and track their movement in the ocean. Getting enough data is hard because animals move and researchers can't be everywhere. Happywhale solves this problem by asking people to upload their whale and seal photos. The best part? Happywhale will let you know when one of your animals is spotted again! If you don't have any photos to submit, you can still help by matching photos in their database. 

Penguin Lifelines

Monitoring the long term health of penguin colonies is hard work, especially when Antarctica is only accessible at certain times of the year. The only way to collect data year round is with cameras and time lapse photography. There are now cameras at over 100 sites in Antarctica. Researchers have so much data that they need help counting penguins! You can also adopt a penguin colony.