Hi, I'm Lori, but you can call me Ocean Lori

As a professional Expedition Guide and Photographer, my life changed when I stepped foot onto the Antarctic continent. Since then, I have been committed to inspiring travelers to learn about Antarctica and seek out the extraordinary in the everyday. 

I believe that a place can change and influence your life, even if you've never been there.

I believe that experiences are the best souvenirs.

I believe that learning something new every day is a priority.

I believe that animals are ambassadors for a peaceful and balanced life.

I believe the ice can teach us about what is important in life. 

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The Antarctic Experience is for people who have traveled, or want to virtually travel, to Antarctica. If you have been on a small ship expedition to Antarctica, sailed to Antarctica, worked on an Antarctic research station, explored Antarctica, or if you aspire to travel to, work in, or explore the 7th continent someday, this community is for you. It is also for people who have an adventurous spirit, who are curious about penguins, whales, icebergs, seals, and all things Antarctic. The Antarctic Experience supports science, research, and conservation.