Hi, I'm Lori, but you can call me Ocean Lori

As an Expedition Guide and Photographer I've traveled all over the world, but stepping foot on Antarctica changed me forever. Since that January day in 2006, I have been committed to sharing simple life lessons inspired by the 7th continent.

I created The Antarctic Experience to bring together a community of like-minded travelers who find Antarctica fascinating, who love learning something new every day, who believe that experiences are the best souvenirs, that animals are great ambassadors for a balanced life, and that it is possible to find extraordinary in the everyday, no matter where you are.

I aim to share Antartica's wild and wonderful wisdom with you, because I believe a place can change your life, even if you've never been there.


What You Will Find Inside

 - Discover my top 10 life lessons learned while working as an expedition guide in Antarctica.

- Get exclusive introductions to the coolest people I know and a behind the scenes look at their adventures and projects.

- Find out the animal that inspires me to be more peaceful and balanced (hint: its not a penguin!).

 - Learn what you should never forget to bring with you on an expedition.