Staying Focused on What is Important

An Expedition Ship is like a small city - everything you need is there for you. In fact, it is one of the things I love the most about being on an expedition. I don't have to think about meals because someone is cooking them for me, I don't have to do my own dishes, someone washes (and irons!) my clothes, and if something breaks, the right person to fix it is just a radio call away. Even my Zodiac is taken care of - filled with gas when I get it, and looked after by the amazing mechanics on board.

Which means that I can focus on being present.

Removing the everyday tasks that take so much of my attention - cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, even changing a lightbulb - allows me to focus on the beautiful scenery, the amazing animals, and the incredible community onboard. There are no cell phone ringing, no appointments that I need to get to; I can just spend my time connecting with people and animals, learning new things, and focusing on doing the best job I can as an Expedition Guide.

If you have been on an expedition, or even a vacation, you know what I'm talking about!

It takes a huge team of people to make this happen. From the dishwashers and the laundry master, to the engine room, and all the way to the Captain, each crew member plays an important role in keeping my (and your) life stress free. These dedicated professionals sometimes spend up to 10 months away from their families to help us have a once in a lifetime experience. 

Without the whole team of crew, an Antarctic Expedition would be so different.

Every year the Expedition Team gets a gift for the crew to thank them for their hard work. This year, I custom designed an Antarctic neck gator. We printed only a limited amount of them - just enough for the crew and the team. 

Grand Circle Trip Leaders wearing their Antarctic Neck Gators

Grand Circle Trip Leaders wearing their Antarctic Neck Gators

The response was overwhelming.

Not only did the crew love them, but so many people approached me about getting one for themselves. Since I had not made any extra, I didn't have them available, but I'm excited to announce that you can now get one of your own!

These are great for anyone who has been to Antarctica, or just loves it. The design has the continent on it (I’ve removed the name of the ship) as well as the names of some of my favorite animals and places.

Get your own!

If you want to get one, click HERE to be taken to my online store. Please note that there may be a delay in shipping if the order is received when I am in Antarctica.

You will also see Antarctic Ambassador patches and stickers for sale. 

Shipping is free to all USA locations. Contact me for international shipping quotes. 

Where will the profits go?

All proceeds from the sales of my products will go to developing educational materials for guest lecturing at schools and for other organizations. 

Did you know I did this?? If you are interested in learning more, drop me an email. I'm located in the DC area, but am also wiling to travel.

Here’s that link again: OceanLori Store